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The Business of Socializing

Social media networks were a novelty 5 years ago, but today their importance is no longer debated. Yes, businesses have definitely realized the power of social media and accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing and PR mix.

Serious Social Business

SocialMediaIn Social Media Examiner’s 2013 End of Year Report, marketers now place very high value on social media marketing:

  •     86% of marketers stated that social media is important for their business
  •     89% of marketers stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing

It’s obvious that social media will continue to have a significant impact in 2014 on marketers and business owners: They now have the ability to reach out and communicate on a personal level with their target audience on a daily basis. This is a game changer for businesses engaging in marketing, sales, customer service and other business activities. This is very powerful and has never been available with traditional marketing!

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